Excellent service and reasonably priced. She made sure she diagnosed the problem before quoting.
                                                      Moria A.  
First, Marilyn came to my condo and provided a free assessment. The next week she returned and replaced two sets of rollers and one screen, and cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted another set of doors. She is extremely thorough, and does professional work at a fair price.        
                                               Chuck Lumb    
My husband and I are thrilled with the amazing results done by Merlan's Sliding Glass Door Repair, LLC. We purchased a condo in Sarasota and the sliding glass doors were basically frozen in place--we could NOT open them--the wheels were shot! Merlan's repaired the doors so well that you can now open them with one finger! They also cleaned the tracks spotless and spent time giving us recommendations how to care for and maintain our sliding doors. We recommend Merlan's HIGHLY!                          
Marilyn worked for hours to make our sliding doors work perfectly! I HIGHLY recommend using Merlan's Sliding Glass Door Repair! She works out of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice. She worked hard for the money, and our doors are
                                                      Karen K.
Perfection!!! I would give 10 stars, but 5 is the max. Marilyn made our old aluminum sliders like new. She surgically removed the old corroded and frozen rollers and replaced with high-quality stainless-steel rollers. She also meticulously cleaned the track well beyond what was required for basic operation. I can’t say enough great things about Marilyn and her work ethic, honesty, and determination to make your doors like new. Obviously, some things are beyond her control like header sag or other structural imperfections, but she will do her best and usually succeeds.
  Kurt Schuler
Marilyn, Owner of Merlan's Sliding Glass Door was just the best!  I thought my 4 sliders would never do anything but leak for good after Hurricane Ian.  I just kept stuffing them with towels in the tracks where the water was pooling.   She took 2-3 hours adjusting rollers, making the doors plumb, and coaching me on what I need to do to maintain them.  Marilyn...you are an absolute angel!
  Donna Powell 
Extremely pleased with Merlan's work. Another company told me sliding glass door due to alignment needed to be replaced. Decided to call Merlan's and get a second opinion. Marilyn came out, examined the door, realigned, cleaned tracks, added new rollers, and works better than new. She uses quality replacement parts which makes a difference with operation and reliability.
Knowledgeable, pride in workmanship, cost conscious, and keeps area clean would give this company 5 🌟.  Rarely do I rate companies this high but she went above and beyond fixing our door. 
Thank you for the Great Service.
  Don S. Bradenton. 
After being told by our contractor that replacement doors were backordered a year, we decided to repair our doors instead. Thanks to Marilyn, our doors now open, close and lock like new!
Marilyn is a perfectionist. She explained everything she was doing and why, replaced our original single rollers with doubles due to the weight and size of our doors, cleaned and lubricated our tracks. One set of doors was reinstalled backwards by the previous owner, and Marilyn reinstalled them correctly and replaced the rollers and locks. She even gave us tips on how to care for our doors to avoid having them serviced again. Highly recommend!
  Charlotte B. 
Great service!! And reasonably priced!! I would recommend her to anyone!!                                                         

 David Luciano
Amazing work! A friend of mine used Merlan's 3 years ago and is still happy with the service Marilyn provided. Not only was she very friendly and personable she explained what she was doing, why she was doing it, and if I had an issue how to fix it (even future upkeep). She also told me to call if I had any problems. Great price and now she has another happy customer.
   Eric Shaw
If you’re looking for perfection this is the company to hire. We live near the water and salt air deteriorates the hardware in our doors. Our doors were in very bad shape and had to be lifted and dragged to get open. Marilyn is an expert at her craft and made our doors like new. We couldn’t be more satisfied.
  Bill Connors 
I have never seen anyone with such a magic touch with sliding glass doors. I thought we’d have to replace ours, but she came out with her magic wand, and they glide like better than new and she fixed the locks and the rubber under the doors, along with the tracks. Call her if you need a sliding glass door magician!                                                        
  Danielle Piesowocki.
We are extremely happy with the service performed on our sliding glass doors. They have never worked this well including when they were installed when brand new!  Two thumbs up!                   
  Robert Goelz. 
Called a few slider repair companies and she was the only one that responded. Prompt arrival spent a lot of time explaining our problem and that an expensive fix was not needed. She showed us how to maintain proper operation for future reference. Without a doubt the best in the slider repair business.
  Jim C. 
Very Impressed! Just had Merlan's repair our sliding glass door. Knowledgeable, quality replacement parts, cost-effective and conscientious. Excellent!
  Don Stouder 
941-730-1500 Merlan's Sliding Doors. Marilyn is awesome! Used her many times on multiple houses.                                                    
  Michele S. 
Merlan’s is magical indeed!! Just when we were considering expensive new doors, we spotted info on Marilyn’s business and the rest is history. We are happy, happy customers! Well-honed skill, professional, personable, informative, thorough, affordable. These are just a few of the adjectives that describe this outstanding woman-owned business. You, too, will be pleased. Run, don’t walk, to your phone and call today!! 
Floyd/Janet Churn
My house was built in the 60s. The double sliding doors were almost impossible to open. I called Merlan's Sliding Glass Door Repair and the problems were gone. The doors glide effortlessly open and close. Not only that, she also educated us on the proper care of the doors casters and tracks. Excellent job. Above and beyond.
 Kevin E.
We have plate glass sliders and a few other companies would not even take the job of replacing the rollers. Marilyn arrived and tackled a very difficult task. She was beyond professional and completed the project beyond my expectations. I rarely post anything about company performance, but they scored a perfect 10. I feel strongly about recommending Merlan's for any homeowner or business with any sliding door repairs or improvements needed. 
Terry Huber
Marilyn and her assistant fixed my very difficult to open sliding door. They also fixed the lock on my door and another window that was hard to open. They did a great job and are very knowledgeable and helpful, also very reasonably priced. I highly recommend them!
Barbara E.
Top knowledge, problem-solving, and professionalism. Independently follows up. Less expensive than the big companies, too. We highly recommend sole proprietor and woman-owner Marilyn.

Alan Lee
We had the rollers on our sliding glass doors changed a year and a half ago by Merlan’s, who did a fantastic job. They were quick and efficient. Over time, the roller height needed adjustment. Marilyn, the owner of Merlan’s, returned to do just that. She also changed our locks, added aluminum lubricant, and educated us on how to adjust the height of the rollers ourselves if it were to ever happen again. All free of charge! Her customer service is what makes her company stand out from the rest. She is reliable, professional, personable, and an expert at what she does. Merlan’s is the best!!

Rhea Fawcett

I was over-the-top pleased with the service provided by Marilyn at Merlan's! The doors now slide with the touch of a finger. In addition, she explained how the mechanics of the door work and how I can keep them opening smoothly. She warrants her work too! I highly recommend!

Kris Kesling
Merlan's was the ONLY company that called me back the same day I left a message. They were in the area and came within 20 minutes. They gave me their professional opinion which was not to replace the rollers on the door. They provided practical advice and advised me the door to contact the manufacturer to determine if my door was still under warranty. WOW! Super honest and courteous people. Highly recommend this company!

Barbara I.
I can not say enough about this couple /owners of this local company! Marilyn is totally awesome and went above and beyond to provide prompt, expert, professional restoration, only doing NECESSARY work to totally treat all my slider problems. Their assessment is HONEST and pricing fair and reasonable, as they replace what needs to be replaced. I can now slide 3 panels with ONE finger! ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER.

Karen Kelley
Marilyn made our 30 year old patio sliders like new again. Highly recommend! Excellent service at a fair price. 

Richard Fidler
Very knowledgeable about the rollers appropriate for your style of door. The job was completed in a professional  manner. They also tweaked the locks, wire brushed, vacuumed and sprayed the tracks!
Great service!

Mary Johnson
Just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with our sliding doors. We had forgotten how easy it is to slide them open and closed. Now with just a finger's push they move effortlessly. Thank you again for an excellent job.


William P.
I rarely have time to write online reviews but in this case, I just had to make the time. Marilyn is not only masters at their craft, but are also quality people who are honest and fair. They are thorough and show attention to detail that is hard to find these days. We had 11 sliding doors that were getting increasingly difficult to open and close, and after the lock hardware started malfunctioning, we decided to contact someone. They quickly discovered that it was our rollers (hidden from view all these years) were terrible rusted and corroded. They hooked us up with newer technology stainless steel ball bearing wheels assembles for a fair price. Days later we are so happy with the ease of opening and closing these 250 lb. glass panel doors with our pinkies instead of having to use both arms like before! We are beyond happy, satisfying experience and we are recommend Merlans to anyone who values honesty and outstanding service.
Rio Hope
Couldn't Be happier! Patrick's Door repair-on time-top notch repair. My doors were stuck, all three, and now are brand new thanks Patrick's!
William Johnson 
Outstanding customer service! Top quality craftsmanship and excellent value. My sliding door is like new!!
Thank you.
Timothy Kendrick 

Arrived exactly when they would. Quickly repaired and aligned our doors. Doors now sliding just by blowing on them (almost) Did a great job.
Philip Battaglia 

Our slider had become so hard to move! We called Patricks Sliding Door Repair and they did a wonderful job! Husband and wife team cleaned, replaced rollers, repaired the track and door and also installed a double bold lock! They left no mess and vacuumed the pavers to collect any shavings. Our doors move effortlessly. Great job!
Linda K. 

They are knowledgeable, fast and friendly
Robin Jennison 

These guys and gals were top notch. They were quick to respond and did an excellent job. Neat, courteous, and a pleasure to deal with. Fair prices and great quality. Family owned and operated.
Dave DeCicco 

The husband and wife team were quick and efficient. They completed the work much faster than I expected and fixed multiple issues with my sliding door for a reasonable price. They returned everything back to normal and cleaned up after themselves. They also gave me safety solutions for my slider to keep my children safe. I'm very pleased with this company and the customer service I received. 
Heather Horst 

Great service. They truly cared about making my doors operational for me. And not just a quick fix, they worked worth my doors until they were perfect. Thank you, Chris and Marilyn.
Lory Delosier 

Thank you so much. Our door hasn't worked this good in over a decade.
Richard Kinning 


Friendly, and came out super fast. Thank you so much for your help!
Tiffany Taylor 
They came and gave a reasonable quote. Took care of the doors Quickly. They were very professional. My doors work great.
   Ann F. 
Marilyn did a great job of repairing our pocket sliding glass door. It was a tough job, a large sliding door with a damaged track and door frame that required cutting a hole in the wall to repair the track. She did a great job! New track, rollers and repaired the wall as good as new. Communicated well, showed up on time and completed the job in the time frame that they said they would. We thought we would have to abandon and replace the door but they were able to repair. Very pleased that there are still companies out there that do good work and have great customer service. Highly recommend them, thank you Patrick's Sliding Glass Door Repair.
   Rick G 
Great company!  Husband and wife team. They came in assessed all my doors, gave me a recommendation on which ones should be replaced and cleaned the tracks and other rollers complimentary. Highly recommend.
   Pia F 
Marilyn was great!  26-year-old sliders working better than when they were brand new!
   Elaine L. 
They were wonderful! My sliding glass door was broken and would not close all the way, and they came out within the hour to fix it! Very courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend this company to others!
  Caitlin H 

Thank you so much for a great job and your reliability.
I highly recommend this company. 
Andreas Georg